Bd Diesel Triple Torque Force Converter 1071217LX In high torque, high load situations, the torque converter bears the brunt of the engines force. Stock torque converter stator pitch designs slip excessively, causing the oil to foam and ever heat, and the front cover clutch surface to warp. But BDs torque converter was specifically designed to handle the kind of punishment you dish out. Built on our premises in a state of the art transmission facility, BD converters feature a heavy duty stamp forged steel cover, much thicker than stock and it is actually stronger than steel billet. We double the amount of lock up clutch material of a stock unit. We furnace braze the turbine and impellor fins to prevent internal leakage, turbine and lock up piston are balanced separately and then as a complete assembly. Turbine to impellor clearance and over all convertor height is verified. Our own cast aluminum stator design maximizes the low speed torque characteristics of the Cummins engine and we even have high rpm stall stators for those race applications. BD Diesel Triple Torque Force ConverterStall Speed 400 500 RPM DropLock Up LockupCore charge does apply to this part. You will be contacted by a salesperson with detailsCalifornia Residents WARNING $1120.00

Powerstroke automatic R100 transmission.

The Lock up clutch is designed to handle any stock or extreme modified Diesel Stamp forged front clutch covers do not distort and securely mount in place. Automatic Transmission Triple Triple Torque. Features Enhanced Stall Great For Street and Towing BD Power 10 1 0 Torque Converter for your 001 01 will provide you with an enhanced stall for increased street and towing performance. BD Diesel Triple TorqueForce Converter. Torque Fits 0 0 Ram 00. L Turbo Diesel Electronic 1 1 GM. Diesel Performance Converters is a torque converter production shop. Power Products carries the BD Triple Disc Torque Converter 001 1.

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Triple Torque Force Converter 00. STANDARD AND TRIPLE FORCE TORQUE CONVERTERS BY BD DIESEL Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorber 24 196468. Triple Torque Force Converter Enhanced Stall Street Towing Applications. With Diesel. Automatic transmission upgrades to improve the shifting and longevity of the. Walmart 00.

BD Diesel 10 1 0X Triple Disk Torque Converter Fits 0 10 Ram 00 Ram 00. Part 10 1 0X Worldwide Shipping! Buy a 00 GMC 00 Classic Auto Trans Torque Converter at discount prices. Transmission for Cummins Torque Converter for Cummins Triple. BD Diesel Triple Torque Force Converter 1 00 Dodge RH RE Low Stall.

Choose top quality brands B M BD Diesel.

Cummins with RFE.

Powerstroke but after power modifications the transmission begins to show it weakness. L Cummins with RFE. Click to Enlarge Read reviews Our List Price 1 1 0. Triple Torque Force Big Spline. Features Enhanced Stall Great For Street and Towing BD Power 10 1 0 Triple Torque Force Big Spline Torque Converter. BD Diesel 10 1 1 X HS Triple Torque Force less is more. BDs new Triple Torque Force Converter Fits 0 0 Ram 00. All of our converters are built on site and to the specific needs and applications of each customer. In this type of clutch configuration you can Bilstein 4600 Series Monotube Shock Absorber 24 025683. BD Torque Converter For 00 01 Dodge. BDs new Triple Torque Force Converter Enhanced Stall 0.

Goerend of Goerend Transmission explains the single disk double disk triple disk and the converter with driver linings and 1 inactive lining. We have several converters in high horse power trucks including our own Pro Street race truck proving the our product's strength and reliability. BD Diesel Auto Trans Torque Converter Enhanced Stall 0. BD Diesel Torque Converters For Dodge Cummins Ford Powerstroke. L GM Duramax with 1000 Transmission 1 1. L Mechanical Dodge.

01 Dodge RFE Enhanced Stall 0 Reviews Write first review. Features Enhanced Stall Great For Street and Towing BD Power 10 1 0 Triple Torque Force Torque Converter Enhanced Stall 0 Reviews Write first review. Average rating 0 out of stars based on 0 reviews Write a review. Dodge Ford Chevy. Dodge Cummins RH RE RE RFE Automatic Transmission Torque Converters from manufacturers such as BD Power ATS Diesel Goerend Transmissions and Banks.

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